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All this modern technology just makes people try to do everything at once.


How to download Facebook & Youtube Videos

Want to save a video you watched on YouTube or Facebook but did not know how to do it? Here is the solution for that. Now you can save your Facebook and YouTube videos just by copying its link. First copy the link of the video you want to save. Th


[C++] Linked list

In link list a structure is declared as head and it has a next pointer which points to next item in the list and similarly all items have a next pointer.The next pointer of the last element points to 'NULL'.The program goes as long as user dosent input 'n'.The user has two options whether to insert or delete from the list.In insert we delcare a temporary variable 'temp' which contains the numbe


[C++] Dynamic declaration of structure using pointer

We can dynamically declare sturrcture is C++ using just new and the name of the structure.To access its inner variables we have to us '->' instead of '.' as it is a pointer ,however we can us '.' with '*' behind the pointer so that  it becomes a structure variable.

Syntax is as folows:


using namespace std;



[C++] Double pointer

We use double pointer or pointer to a pointer for things like dynamically declaring 2d arrays where we first dynamically declare its rows as 1d arrays and then for each row we declare its columns.The name of pointer points to address of the first row or to the pointer that points to first element of the first row.One '*' with the pointer points to the address of the first element of the first r


[C++] Dynamic declaration and Pointer arithematic

Dynamic declaration means that we do not give memory during declaration it gets allocated during execution.This is useful for thins like having an array of user inputted size.We do this using new.When pointer is dynamically allocated as an array it points to the 0th index(first element) of the array.If we add an integer to it it will point to that position in the array.After incrementing it by


Apple releases public Beta version of iOS 14, iPadOS 14

The new iOS version is compatible with the iPhone as well as iPod touch models that are compatible with iOS 13 and for iPad users, the new release is specifically meant for models that are currently running on iPadOS 13.

San Francisco: Apple has released the public Beta version of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 updates that would be available in the fall.

The new iOS version is compatible


How is VR different from other media?

To understand the difference between VR and other media, we'll use Oculus Rift as the reference.



[C++] Pointers

Pointers in C++ basically store memory locations where a variable is stored.To access its value you can use '*' behind its name and also to declare them.The name of an array is a constant pointer.An '&' behind a variable gives its address.The address is displayed in hexadecimal.

The syntax is as follows:


using namespace std;<


[C++] Structure

A structure can hold multiple variables similar to an array but while array can only hold one type of variables, structures can hold many types of variables including arrays.You can access inner elements using the '.' operator.Here we use the library 'math.h' for the function 'sqrt' (square root function) and 'pow' (power function).I use structures and the distance function to calculate distanc

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